Dr. Aswathy Sathi

Founder & Chief Consultant

Dr. Aswathy is a Veterinary Graduate from Kerala Veterinary University and later has obtained her masters in Clinical Medicine and a Post Graduate Diploma in One Health. Dr. Aswathy is a recipient of Murray Fowlers scholarship form American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, Missouri, USA, for her work in avian, exotic and wildlife animals. Dr. Aswathy consultant many large Aviaries and Exotic farms in different parts of India with verity of species and has great experience and expertise in health, behaviour and reproductive management of different avian and exotic species. Dr. Aswathy is available for about 10 days in a month in Treat Unusual Veterinary Hospital, Haripad Kerala Branch (Please contact +91-6363064184). Clients from Karnataka can meet Dr. Aswathy in Bangalore or in Chikkamagaluru Treat Unusual Veterinary Hospital Branch on appointment basis (Please contact +91-9483169164).