Treat Unusual Veterinary Hospital has In-patient facility for patients who need critical care. Highly trained Veterinary Assistant and Pet Care taker will present 24X7 for inpatient care. Doctors are assigned to these inpatients who attend the cases daily in regular hours and can arrive anytime to the in-patient facility in emergency hours for any emergency need only.

Separate isolated area for infectious pets and non-infectious pets, regular and thorough disinfection of kennels after each pets’ discharge are taken care to reduce risk of any infection spreading. Timely medication, Physiotherapy, feeding, bathing, walking in a separate area for pets to relieve themselves and other necessary cares are provided to assist pets recover fast physically and mentally.

Avian and Exotic Pets are also taken for Boarding and In-patient with specific and specialized care for each species in Treat Unusual Veterinary Hospital.